Grossalp Webcam and Weather Station

As of december 2006, the now eight year old webcam has been replaced by a new camera, please visit

Welcome to the previous home of the Grossalp Webcam and Weather station. These devices were installed in the Rossboda chair lift station above Bosco/Gurin. They had been set up and were maintained in collaboration with the Grossalp SA, which is the owner of the chair lift and many other tourism related installations in Bosco Gurin. There is an article about the history and technical side of the webcam project.


Last images from the web camera:

Most recent GIF image, with logo and timestamp (the black line at the left border is an artifact caused by a bug in the firmware of the Axis Neteye camera).
Most recent raw JPG image.

The computer controlling the webcam created synthetic Mpeg movies from every day, see the Movie inventory for samples.

Weather Station

The weather station is a Davis VantagePro station controlled by the Meteo software. There is more technical information about the station on that site.

There also is an article about the history of the weather station.